Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Batman/Superman Public Enemies

Alright since i am between story arc's let's review some Dvd's but before I get into that couple of recommendations for new reader's. If you want to get current on what's going with the new batman title's I suggest you pick up Batman R.I.P, and Black Hand. These are the only titles you need to catch up to all the cool new titles that are coming out now I will later blog about these titles soon. But anyway back to this great dvd the plot of the story is well Lex Luthor is President and he suggested that heroes register under him (can someone say civil war) a few register but superman refuses. As a result Lex frame him for murder and has a bounty on his head now every super villian and hero are after him, there are countless cameos that you may recognize and the action starts within the first 10 min of you watching it. What makes this DvD really great is the voice casting from the orginal animated series of both batman and superman and it was produced by the famous Bruce Timm and this guy knows comics. I personally have never picked up a Batman/Superman title but after watching the movie I seen how great the duo work together and ran out and picked up a couple of issues for myself to see what this team is all about. I was deeply satisfied with this movie and recommed it to all who are just looking for a great action movie with no backstory its awesome no disappointments.

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