Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Batman/Superman Public Enemies

Alright since i am between story arc's let's review some Dvd's but before I get into that couple of recommendations for new reader's. If you want to get current on what's going with the new batman title's I suggest you pick up Batman R.I.P, and Black Hand. These are the only titles you need to catch up to all the cool new titles that are coming out now I will later blog about these titles soon. But anyway back to this great dvd the plot of the story is well Lex Luthor is President and he suggested that heroes register under him (can someone say civil war) a few register but superman refuses. As a result Lex frame him for murder and has a bounty on his head now every super villian and hero are after him, there are countless cameos that you may recognize and the action starts within the first 10 min of you watching it. What makes this DvD really great is the voice casting from the orginal animated series of both batman and superman and it was produced by the famous Bruce Timm and this guy knows comics. I personally have never picked up a Batman/Superman title but after watching the movie I seen how great the duo work together and ran out and picked up a couple of issues for myself to see what this team is all about. I was deeply satisfied with this movie and recommed it to all who are just looking for a great action movie with no backstory its awesome no disappointments.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new post for october

sorry folks I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks very busy playing halo lol. well all is not lost i am here to announce the this month's post. For the month of October I am going to review all things dark in the comic universe, starting with all the new batman stuff and ending with blackest night. Alot has happened in the comic world in the last couple of weeks and I have to post those up to so bear with me folks, I am between story arc's and halo drunk but I will be back with more cool stuff holla lol.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marvel Alliance 2!!!!!!

OK I know this is a comic blog but this Game is comic related and blog worthy. If you own a xbox360 or a PS3 and don't own this game now you need to stop reading and run out to your nearest retail store and buy this game (shameless plug here lol). I've ran out couple of years to go to buy the first one and I was satisfied but it needed improvement, the creators have definitely improved and fixed all the flaws from the last one and aimed to satisfy all the fan boys and newbies worldwide. I am not the biggest Marvel fan but this game definitely have me wanting to go out and pickup a couple of new Marvel titles at my nearest comic shop (another shameless plug here). The game is set during the Civil War story arc which was a major arc that changed Marvel history forever, You get to play with most of the great hero's of the Marvel Universe complete with there special moves and over 250 fusion attacks (two characters combine powers to create a super special move that's just straight eye candy). You also have choices to be pro registration or anti-registration (it will be explained once you start to play the game of course) which will give players more hours of game play, also you can upgrade each character and give them individual roles, and throwback costumes which make the game customizable (awesome!!). The camera angles have changed also since the first one, so now you can see exactly what the hell is going on while your playing and new characters have been added to the roster such as Iron Fist, Juggernaut, Green Goblin, and many others (super awesome). Deadpool which is one of my favorites is back and is great as ever and people I know nothing about have caught my eye such as Iron Fist and Captain America. Bottom line this game is great even if your not a comic fan this will give you a glimpse at what comics have to offer and what makes them so great so go out and buy it buy buy buy (shameless plug), I only hope that next year DC Universe Online will be just as good as MA2.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My top 10 comics i am reading now

1. Walking Dead
2. Secret Six
3. Batman and Robin
4. Resurrection
5. DMZ
6. Blackest Night
7.Green Lantern
8. Green Lantern Corp
9. Batman

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillps's: Incognito

People that know me, know that I'm the type of person that root's for the villains in most situations. So this series was right up my alley, Incognito by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips is a great arc with some disappointment (I will explain that later). But first lets get into the writer and the artist Brubaker!!! what can i say about this guy but what a awesome writer, my first book I ever read by him was a Daredevil run and I loved it, his way of telling stories in a crime noir style is just genius (which is mostly in a narrative way). In my opinion the best crime noir book I ever read by him was Criminal and with the art of Sean Phillips it spells the recipe for a dynamic duo. They bought that same type of fire with this arc, the story is about a villain that decides to go through a rehab program to change his life around, but the program made him "normal" and he hated it, he decided that he could not live with the fact that he is not the main topic of the world, so he decides to do something about it. Instead of going back down the same road he was on he chooses to better his life and take the high road. Needless to say that didn't last long and his past comes back to hunt him, that's just about all I can tell you without this being a spoiler blog. Phillips artwork in this arc reminds me a little of my favorite artist Alex Ross with his life-like style that's very appealing to the eye and his full page battle panels are easy to follow and left me wanting to see more art by this guy(not just covers). Now to what I didn't like, the plot was great and I enjoyed running to the comic store just to find this title, the build up kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Then I got to the conclusion and I was a little disappointed the ending seemed like it was rushed, Brubaker to me should have took a little bit more time in building the ending that would have made this arc great but due that flaw I couldn't give this series 100% approval its more of a 85% compared to other things I have read by this great team. Bottom line BRING BACK CRIMINAL PLEASE!!!! and you will always have a fan.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GI Joe The Animated Series

Just recently I had a crazy thought, what made me love GI Joe the cartoon so much as a child? I decided to watch the first season of GI Joe to see what enticed me. Well within the first twenty mins in to the first episode I got totally confused on what the hell was going on, the only thing i recognized was a few familer faces and the fact they screamed, "yooo joeeeeeeee!!!" every 3 min per episode. As far as the plot went all you need to know was Cobra=bad and G.I. Joe= good that's it and that's all, it only takes about five episode to get through a story arc (and that's alot of hearing them scream yo Joe!! and cobra!!) and at the conclusion of an arc you know who is going to win the Joe's. Also while watching this season i noticed alot of subliminal messages that I didn't catch as a child. First was the role of women in the army the only really pretty Joe they had was a blond haired blue eyed women called "cover girl" the one that all the Joe's loved so much then there is a redhead called "scarlet" who seemed to be looked at as the little sister of the Joe's no one really came on to her and she was protected heavily by everyone else, there is also a women called "Ms. Jaye" she is more of the feminist of the group. She often told the men on the episode that she can do anything that a man can do and better which is great but she is stereotyped by having short hair and a Dom lesbian type of vibe. Finally there is "the Baronist" who is a Russian women with a thick accent to go with her act of wanting to participate in terrorism (typical). It doesn't stop there also in show they have managed to fit in people of different ethnic background complete with there very own stereotype but that's the 80's for you. In my opinion i didn't really care for the season the second time around I felt it could have been done better. This goes back to the reason I posted this blog, even though I didn't like the animated series but it made me very interested in picking up the comic book. With a good writer I think this series is worth viewing, Ill keep you guys posted on what I concluded on the whole GI Joe run until then keep reading peace.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Umbrella Academy

OK I have to admit that I did boycott this book because it was written by a rock singer.(Yea I am sorry folks) But this was surprisingly a great read of Gerard Way, Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite. There is nothing negative to say about this graphic novel I can see why this series was Eisner Worthy, Gerard Way told a story in such a way that you can tell it was a mirror image of his personality. With the help of artist Gaberial Ba this make this novel almost flawless. The character development was so seamless you get right into the story within the first two pages. What I really loved about this novel was the fact that Gerard didn't stick with the same formula most popular comics are built upon, first and foremost the book has a very dark mood to which it is almost as if it came right out of Gotham City,then it just takes off from there, not sticking with the traditional,the heroes are perfect in every way and they will always win the battle, No. Gerard address other issues that affected each character's personality and it made them lack luster in the long run (basically they all had issues to deal with). The dialogue between the characters was easy to follow for the most part of the novel and he saved all the action for the last chapters of the book which I might add was great timing. There so much more I would love to say but I don't want to give away this great book I recommend this book to all readers and if your new to collecting this is one that's worth being on your shelf.