Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marvel Alliance 2!!!!!!

OK I know this is a comic blog but this Game is comic related and blog worthy. If you own a xbox360 or a PS3 and don't own this game now you need to stop reading and run out to your nearest retail store and buy this game (shameless plug here lol). I've ran out couple of years to go to buy the first one and I was satisfied but it needed improvement, the creators have definitely improved and fixed all the flaws from the last one and aimed to satisfy all the fan boys and newbies worldwide. I am not the biggest Marvel fan but this game definitely have me wanting to go out and pickup a couple of new Marvel titles at my nearest comic shop (another shameless plug here). The game is set during the Civil War story arc which was a major arc that changed Marvel history forever, You get to play with most of the great hero's of the Marvel Universe complete with there special moves and over 250 fusion attacks (two characters combine powers to create a super special move that's just straight eye candy). You also have choices to be pro registration or anti-registration (it will be explained once you start to play the game of course) which will give players more hours of game play, also you can upgrade each character and give them individual roles, and throwback costumes which make the game customizable (awesome!!). The camera angles have changed also since the first one, so now you can see exactly what the hell is going on while your playing and new characters have been added to the roster such as Iron Fist, Juggernaut, Green Goblin, and many others (super awesome). Deadpool which is one of my favorites is back and is great as ever and people I know nothing about have caught my eye such as Iron Fist and Captain America. Bottom line this game is great even if your not a comic fan this will give you a glimpse at what comics have to offer and what makes them so great so go out and buy it buy buy buy (shameless plug), I only hope that next year DC Universe Online will be just as good as MA2.

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