Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GI Joe The Animated Series

Just recently I had a crazy thought, what made me love GI Joe the cartoon so much as a child? I decided to watch the first season of GI Joe to see what enticed me. Well within the first twenty mins in to the first episode I got totally confused on what the hell was going on, the only thing i recognized was a few familer faces and the fact they screamed, "yooo joeeeeeeee!!!" every 3 min per episode. As far as the plot went all you need to know was Cobra=bad and G.I. Joe= good that's it and that's all, it only takes about five episode to get through a story arc (and that's alot of hearing them scream yo Joe!! and cobra!!) and at the conclusion of an arc you know who is going to win the Joe's. Also while watching this season i noticed alot of subliminal messages that I didn't catch as a child. First was the role of women in the army the only really pretty Joe they had was a blond haired blue eyed women called "cover girl" the one that all the Joe's loved so much then there is a redhead called "scarlet" who seemed to be looked at as the little sister of the Joe's no one really came on to her and she was protected heavily by everyone else, there is also a women called "Ms. Jaye" she is more of the feminist of the group. She often told the men on the episode that she can do anything that a man can do and better which is great but she is stereotyped by having short hair and a Dom lesbian type of vibe. Finally there is "the Baronist" who is a Russian women with a thick accent to go with her act of wanting to participate in terrorism (typical). It doesn't stop there also in show they have managed to fit in people of different ethnic background complete with there very own stereotype but that's the 80's for you. In my opinion i didn't really care for the season the second time around I felt it could have been done better. This goes back to the reason I posted this blog, even though I didn't like the animated series but it made me very interested in picking up the comic book. With a good writer I think this series is worth viewing, Ill keep you guys posted on what I concluded on the whole GI Joe run until then keep reading peace.

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