Thursday, September 3, 2009

Alan Moore's Top 10

Recently I have been going in the comic achieves and finding gems. I picked up Alan Moore's Top 10 trade back (i know i am a late bloomer), but Alan Moore's is known for his better titles such as The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and Swampthing. If any of those title's ring a bell to you (which they should because they were all movies), or your even a newcomer to any of Moore's work I recommend you start with this title. Its a graphic novel about a police precinct called you guessed it the Top 10, and their job is to basically police the city that's filled with citizens that all live with superpowers and alter ego's. What make this novel so great in my opinion was how he brought real life issues with the police force and gave it such a great sci-fi twist. He covers everything from racism to drugs, and police corruption and gives it such originality by the end of the first book you would be begging for more. Although this book is not filled with action and violence most people look for in comics that are not Marvel or DC, but he keeps you reading with his great dialogue and witty comedy that will please any reader. I feel in love instantly with most of the characters in the story and by the end of book one I concluded that I liked this novel better then The Watchmen (yep I said it). Compared to The Watchmen it seemed that halfway through the novel Moore lost me mid-way through the book as it gets more wordy and jumps from three different stories in the same book and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. He kept my attention in this book more by keeping up jokes throughout the books that was just hilarious and putting together the whole story by the end of book two that left me with a smile on my face. So if you need a break from the major titles of DC and Marvel and want something just a little different check out Top 10 I highly recommend it.

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